Along Came A Spider

Have you ever had on of those epic moments?

So I wake up and do my usual routine which is smoke a bowl, and drink a cup of coffee.  I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and put some eye drops in.  I looked up and saw a baby spider crawling on the mirror and my first instinct was to kill it but then I paused. All of a sudden this little baby spiders life flashed before my eyes. I saw all the ill spider shit he would miss if I killed him. Like spinning his first web, or getting his first piece of spider pussy, or killing flies, or whatever spiders do.  Then I felt bad for like all the bugs I’ve ever killed, and for all the little bug families I have broken up.  So anyway I gave the spider a pass for now, but I really hate bugs so I am still going to kill them on sight.

Maybe that wasn’t so epic?

It was to me at least. Anyway I’m high as hell, and hungry as hell so I am gonna go mash these breakfast burritos I’ll hit you later.



Old Skool Joe


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