Just A Thought

Do you think Robocop ever had to appear in court?

It would be funny if Robocop made a guest appearance on “Law and Order,”  or something.

I have like one thousand movie ideas that include Robocop, and I think it is about time someone gave me some money to get these projects going.

Like what if Robocop was a coach for the police athletic league, and coached a rag-tag group of kids to the championship.

I really have to stop getting so high and watching this damn movie but its awesome.


Old Skool Joe



5 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. How about this… Robocop is retired and working on his humble wolf dairy in northern canada when he is suddenly called back into service to stop a vivious giant bright yellow land dwelling manta ray who is holding manhattan hostage.

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  2. Or here’s another one: Robocop and his Wife Dagmar go for a walk in the park with their dog Rick. As they walk through a particularly remote stand of trees, pandemonium ensues as an enraged collosal brown crab leaps forth and pinces Rick in half, then seizes Dagmar in his wretched mandibles and scampers away sideways. Robocop tries to follow but loses the vile decapod in traffic. Now it’s a race against the clock and robocop must get to the crab before his wife meets her end at his savage pincers. Also he wants to avenge the death of their beloved Rick.

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