A Letter From The Editor Of A Fake Magazine

Dear 46 forum staff,

First off I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to running this fake magazine.

We need  to understand  that we are not writers, we are stoners, and that is a big difference. In fact some of us are stuffed animals, while a few of us are imaginary characters.

We don’t write good.


We can barely talk half of the time.

Are people really going to want to read the news from a bunch of people who just spent six hours smoking pot, and playing video games?

In conclusion lets focus on what we do best which is smoking that sweet Mary Jane. Leave the writing to the writers , and we will  post pictures of weed on Facebook, and Twitter.

Again thank you for all of your hard work at the fake magazine. We are going to accomplish great things this year.


The Pink Panther

(Not the real Pink Panther I am a stuffed animal.)


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