Who’s Pork Chop Is It Anyway?

What’s good people?

It’s your boy Big Mike the Mothafuckin Mack (It’s like a “Tribe Called Quest” you have to say the whole thang).
Anyways the good people  at 46 forum have given me Big Mike the Mothafuckin Mack (you got to say the whole thang man) an opportunity to speak to you through this fake magazine.
Word up!
First off fuck my 9-5.
Enough  said.
Second off, fuck my neighbor and his German shepherd man!
I woke up to that son of a bitch eating my news paper!
That’s fucked up man!
I usually read my news on the Internet anyway, so that part wasn’t a big deal but it’s the simple fact that  while he ate my shit  he looked me dead in the eye as if to say do something.
Needless to say we are all on the lookout for the person that put the antifreeze pork chop in my neighbor’s yard, and if you have any information please call us at 535-5355.
In other news I’m high as hell right now, and I need some chicken wings or maybe some fish tacos, and a twelve pack of Corona.
Wait ?
What are we talking about?
The Pink Panther got me 2 faded.
Big ups 2 Old Skool Joe .
BigMike out.

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