Why the Fuck Not pt.2

So the dream you have… The one we talked about recently and how it can be anything so long as it invokes passion… Well what is it? What is your thing that makes your existence burn to continue? What is it that makes you keep going? For us, it is simple. It is bringing awareness of individuality and a community of care. The ideal that takes us to the point of having a world with care and happiness is built around existence. Pot is a valuable variable that ties the whole idea together too. It is a natural substance that doesn’t kill you or drive you to dependence either. It can be used to cure many pains and sicknesses as well. See, for us, the idea that weed, pot, mary jane, or whatever else you might call it, is the central subject to happiness. It has been for our whole lives though called illegal. It has been held in front of us with all the pros and seemingly no cons involved. So what is it about bud that is keeping our laws from making such a powerful and positive plant from being obtained legally? There are many things… Alcohol can be regulated by the content in its container. It can be taxed and made the exact same way 100% of the time. THC is seemingly not so easy to grow with consistent potency. Also, the intake of THC isn’t measurable like alcohol, so it is not measurable to say when someone has had too much. Though it is possible to function when influenced by the drug, there are too many speculations that have not been solved by the science that is law and so for the time being, we can only talk about it until the awareness is out there and the ways of the herb can be explained to all those who at this point, just don’t understand.


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