Why the Fuck Not?

They say to follow your dreams. Well what is your dream? Is it something inside you that burns? Is it a truth to life that if you shared using your name, people would scorn you for? Is it something that your role models burned into your head as a child and now you feel an obligation for? Here is the deal, your dream is yours and yours alone. Sometimes you also meet like-minded people who share your dream. You form a team and build a chemistry, you plan and fail and re-plan and revise and continue the path through the world who at this point has no time for dreams, just plans. So you don’t have a clear plan… So you are only following your heart and your heart has no vision past the passion you have for this dream… Follow it. You might die feeling a failure. You might lose everything you work for. You might though succeed and change the world one person at a time. If you do that, they will say you achieved the American dream. If you accomplish even a portion of what your heart implores your will to do, you lived a life of risk and passion and hey, who could ask for more?


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