Sunny Days Blowing Clouds All Day

Do you think it would be hard to buy a bag of weed on Sesame Street?

I would probably hit up Oscar The Grouch first, because he lives in a trash can.

Mr. Snuffleupagus smokes for sure. But he also seems like the kind of guy who wants to smoke all my shit and never pitch in. Plus he is always kicking it with Big Bird and that guy hates weed.

Cookie Monster might take a puff every now and then but he is after cookies. He has a very serious problem that no one seems to want to talk about.

I could swing by Bert’s crib and smoke a bowl while Ernie is at the store, but we have to smoke on the patio because Ernie don’t like Bert smoking in the apartment.

I could blaze one with Grover he is a real cool customer. Plus he taught me how to read and shit, so I will smoke him out any time.

How high am I?

I’m watching Sesame Street wondering what it would be like to smoke with puppets.

On the other hand it would be dope to smoke with puppets.

I love my  Snoop Dogg G Pen.

This vape shit is crazy!


Old Skool Joe




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