Blowing Trees And Watching Movies At The 46

It has been very slow at the office lately. I’ve just spent the last three hours watching “Honest Movie Trailers” on YouTube, and they are funny.

Big shout out to the Screen Junkies and if you haven’t heard of them,then I encourage you to look them up on YouTube.

I like the Robocop one the best because it is like the greatest movie ever made.

The original 80’s version though since I refuse to watch the new one.

The Pink Panther continues to drink heavily and verbally abuse the staff on a regular basis.

We continue to smoke massive amounts of marijuana.

Speaking of that..

The other day we were chilling out, smoking some bomb, and watching “Hoodrats 2”. This movie definitely gets two thumbs up from me, and if you are a fan of women hitting each other with baseball bats in yoga pants, then you will love this movie. If you don’t like those things then you…

Wait really?

You don’t like those things?

Seriously watch the movie but make sure you get high as possible before you watch it.


Old Skool Joe


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