Dee Oh See Tee Oh Are (S)

No one knows where he came from.
He came rhyming his words they all say.
He carries a pen and a note pad, but
no one can read what it says.

So that’s why they call him a doctor!
But why is his claimed name an S?

Word has it he beats on an old drum,
Where all healing and success
begins and ends with the Sex.

He’ll cum where he comes and he’ll say what he says, like it or not he knows all of the ways. He’ll teach you he’ll teach you just listen you’ll see. When he teaches a lesson way more qualified you’ll be.

How do we reach him?
What if he leaves?

Just call on the Doctor he has a schedule you see!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you directly, fresh in from four to the six… Dr S!

The S stands for Sex.


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