A Letter From The Editor Of A Fake Magazine

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.
Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep this fake magazine running.

Dear 46forum staff,

I would like to thank you for  your hard work on this fine fake magazine. We have been rated the number one fake magazine  on the internet even though we have only been operating for a month, and haven’t written any articles.  Maybe we can  turn a profit this month if we start writing articles, or at least consider posting pictures of hot babes. Smoking weed and watching TV is fun so we are still going to do that, but let’s buckle down, work hard, and  make this the best February ever.

I think the sexual harassment case against me is going to be dropped soon and that will allow spend more time at the office. Maybe we can get another secretary in here because my office has been in shambles ever since Glenda quit.

in other news I probably should see Dr. S about this rash , but I’m starting to think that he might not be a medical doctor.

Oh yeah….I’m not going to stop drinking so stop asking me Old Skool Joe.


The Pink Panther


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