It’s The Funk It’s Always Been The Funk

“I just stick with that funky shit and it never lets me down…and I talk a lot of shit.”  -Too Short

Whoa! When I heard Too Short say that on “The Smokebox” it like totally blew my mind. It was like he wrote the mission statement for the fake magazine today  and he didn’t even know it.

For those of you unfamiliar with “The Smokebox” it is only the greatest show in the history of YouTube. It is hosted by legendary smoker B-Real from Cypress Hill and he interviews people in his car while they smoke marijuana and talk about stuff.

That’s what we do smoke weed, and have intelligent conversations, with some bullshit sprinkled in.

I’m glad I quit my job at the imaginary space station and started work at this fake magazine.

Seriously is this  what we do all day?

I’m going to enjoy working here.

Spaceman Jones signing off.


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