The Sunday Night Oldies Show

We have been getting high all day and everyone is starting to get the munchies. It’s about time for some food and I don’t care where we eat. Wherever we go I am going to burst in there like The Fat Boys did in “Krush Groove”.

Ha! That was a good one… but seriously have you ever seen that  movie?

It’s awesome you should watch it.

It’s like an 80’s movie autobiography about Russell Simmons, or Richard Simmons I don’t remember, and it’s  not really important right now.

Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where The Fat Boys go to a pizza place and rap. During the rap session they proceed to eat everything in the restaurant.

Wait… I think we might have done this in a few places ourselves.

I clearly remember Old Skool Joe rapping about tacos for ten minutes at the all you can eat taco bar last night.

The Fat Boys  were clearly high as hell, hungry as hell, and we’ve all been there. Plus they rap and dance while they eat, and I think more people should do that. Also I like how the guy behind the counter is entertained by the antics of The Fat Boys, but also wondering if they are going to pay or not.

Again eerily similar to many of our food runs.

You know what else I like about that scene?

When they leave the pizza place and discover what’s  best for them. What’s best for them is to embrace being fat and that’s how they come up with the  name The Fat Boys. It is a very touching moment in the film.

Kind of like when we embraced being stoners and started writing a fake magazine.

Why am I still talking? Just look the fucking video up on your phone and let’s go get some food.

Spaceman Jones signing off.



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