Nikki Free Is An Artist

Nikki Free sings with the echo of a rock goddess.

Nikki Free plucks the strings of a champagne electric guitar.

Nikki Free sways with the rhythm of dancing souls.

Nikki Free dreams in color.

Nikki Free sings for freedom.

Nikki Free unfolds in melodies and sweeps in on waves.

Nikki Free never frowns.

Nikki Free talks in third person.


She does that.

A lot.

Nikki Free lives in wheat fields and sleeps under the stars.

Nikki Free drinks wine from mason jars wrapped in ribbons.

Nikki Free plays miniature instruments dangling from her neck.

Nikki Free has feathers in her hair that fly in the wind.

Nikki Free sees beauty in the little things.

Nikki Free is an artist untethered to any medium.

Hey Nikki Free this is The Pink Panther. Um…are you going to write any articles today?

Nikki Free doesn’t know what to write.


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