Behind the Competition

Baseball season is almost here and that is very exciting news here at the 46. The sports desk (the coffee table) will be very busy this summer. We all have our favorite teams and players. I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan and predict that this is the year that we will win it all.

Old Skool Joe

Suicide Squeeze 2015

buster Buster Posey

Baseball to so many people around the world is not only a beloved game but a sentimental passion. Each story is its own and many read similarly. The common is something from a time when something felt right or was unknown and suddenly became a passion. The buzz in the crowd or the anxiety of an elders reaction to a strike or a hit that changes the balance of the moments meaning weather happy or sad leaves a mark on us and is never forgotten but can be matched on a hot summer day or a night when it seems to be the only thing that matters in the moment.

The influence of happiness through a win or sadness through a loss is so great in moving people closer to one another. A win for an uncle, father, brother or sister means one for the family. It means a…

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