We Need To Call The Wolfcop


So we are chilling out in the office thinking of what to write next…wait who am I kidding, we were getting stoned out of our minds. Nikki Free wants to watch a movie, but the only problem is Nikki Free doesn’t like picking the movie. So she scrolls through the selection of movies and shows until we come across this flick Wolfcop.

If you are a fan of smoking weed, getting drunk, sex, and werewolves, then this is the movie of the year. If you are not a fan of those things… then I feel sorry for you. Wolfcop has knocked Teen Wolf down to number two on my list of all time movie werewolves.

But in all seriousness we should all be thankful that there is no such thing as a werewolf police officer. The werewolf in this particular movie violated multiple police procedures, and as a matter of fact didn’t arrest a single criminal.

You know what would be a good show?

If Wolfcop and Robocop were detectives on Law and Order SVU with like The Mummy as the district attorney.

Or what about this, what if Wolfcop like goes to law school at night and becomes a public defender, then eventually a judge.


That would be dope. Can’t wait to see Wolfcop 2.


Old Skool Joe


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