46forum Presents The Week Of Vulgarity

Hey guys Old Skool Joe here,

Lately the staff has been making it a point to offend as many people as possible. It has been declared by our editor The Pink Panther that this be known as the week of vulgarity. It all started when I found this note on my desk.


Apparently, The Pink Panther wants us to start a website dedicated to stinky titties. He actually said this to me.

“Think about it, it will be like the best thing ever. Before you go on a date with someone, you can look them up on the website, and see if they have bad-smelling titties or not. It’s the wave of the future Old Skool Joe,  and this is something people will actually want to look at.”

I had to interrupt him

“Why would anyone need a website to determine if someone has stinky titties? Wouldn’t be easier just to…you know what you are a stuffed animal and  I’m not going to have this argument with you. It’s a funny title I’ll give you that , but that is a bad idea.”

The Pink Panther replied

“Well what about last week when I went out with that lady from the bus station? When I got her back to the motel..did you know her pussy smelled like anthrax?”

First I laughed then I told The Pink Panther

“Maybe you should stop going on dates with women from bus stations, and what does that have to do with anything. I’m not making the website for you. Why don’t you run it by Dr. S, he has been the king of vulgarity week. Now make like The Red Rooster…go out there and show us what a cock can do!”

The Pink Panther yells “Yo Doc I have this new website idea for the week of vulgarity, it’s called stinkytitties.com and it’s gonna change the world.”

Dr. S strolled into my office and said

“I have a better idea. Why don’t you go to the kitchen and pour two shots of Fireball and a glass of wine. Then take the two shots and drink the glass of wine. That way you have two balls in your mouth, and a glass of wine!”


Boy did we laugh about that one for hours, and that has been one of the more mild one-liners so far this week,and it’s only Wednesday.

So try to offend someone this week because it is the week of vulgarity.


Old Skool Joe

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.
Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.

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