Finally A Song About Shoes

Old Skool Joe burst into the office and said

“Guys you know what I always say?”

The Pink Panther shot back

“Um…don’t worry it’s not weed, it’s just water, so it’s cool to smoke my pen here?”

Dr.S then chimed in

“Um…remember kids drink your drugs, and don’t do milk?”

Old Skool  Joe  pulled the blunt from behind his ear, lit it up, and said

“Naw guys the other thing I always say. You know about how back in my day we used to rap about important stuff like shoes”.

“Oh yeah” said The Pink Panther “You do say that a lot, but I don’t get it… who cares about shoes?

“Of course you don’t get it. You’re a stuffed animal who  has never worn a pair of shoes” replied Old Skool Joe. He then went on to tell us

“Anyway I stumbled on to this music video White Shoes by this dude Wale or whatever. That shit had me going through like every emotion about shoes that a person can have. From the happiness of taking the first step in a new pair of shoes, to the anger of my work shoes at the fish market, to the sadness of being broke and having shitty shoes, to the tragedy of being killed over shoes”.

Dr. S took the blunt from Old Skool Joe and said

“Wow that’s deep, and all that from a music video by a rapping shoe salesman?”

The three all laughed hysterically then Old  Skool Joe  said

” On an even funnier note the kid in this video works his ass off at shitty jobs to buy these white shoes, only to be complimented briefly, and then brutally murdered. But here’s the kicker the person who sold the kid the shoes was…you guessed it Wale the rapping shoe salesman. He’s no Al Bundy I’ll tell you that right now.”

Just another day working at  a fake magazine, and I’m just a janitor here.



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