Getting High And Rapping With Old Skool Joe

Life is short

do what you want.

You can either roll sushi

or just roll blunts.

You can hit the bong

or roll a joint.

As long as you are high

you get the point.

You can be a spaceman

if that’s your thing.

You can rap,

deliver pizzas,

or even sing.

You could even work at a fake magazine.

My point is this

fuck what they say.

They are probably boring people anyway.

I’m high a hell

and that’s no surprise.

I’ve been smoking all day

look at my eyes.

Yo Pink Panther what’s up

with some burgers and fries.

We should probably  get some food

it’s munchies time.

Well that’s my cue that it’s time to go

but before we eat those burgers, let’s smoke one mo’

and wrap up this rap by Old Skool Joe.






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