Wait…So It’s A Fake Magazine?

People often ask “What do you mean you work at a fake magazine?”

It really seems to bother some people when I say it. They cannot grasp the concept that we sit around and smoke weed all day then call doing that a job.  Our editor is a stuffed animal, the sports desk also serves as a coffee table, and we sleep in our offices. That’s not a magazine that is an apartment.

When I try to explain what we are trying to do here, I tell people to watch the movie Hook starring Robin Williams. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie it is a story about a grown up Peter Pan that returns to  Neverland as an adult because Captain Hook kidnaps his children.  But when he gets there Peter has to re-learn all of his Peter Pan skills, so he goes and lives with a bunch of orphaned children.

I know sounds crazy…right?

So while he is living with these orphans Peter Pan notices that when they eat dinner there is no actual food on the table just plates and utensils. The kids pretend to eat, and grown up Peter Pan is shocked and appalled by these actions then refuses to participate. But since he’s hungry Peter decides to give it a shot and when he does real food appears then they have a big feast.

That’s the same thing that we are doing here. The only difference is instead of pretending to eat we are smoking weed, and playing video games. If  we do it hard enough then we can turn into a real magazine, or Peter Pan, or whatever.

The point I’m trying to make is use your imagination and good things will happen. Also if you smoke enough weed good things will happen.

Smoke weed and use your imagination.


There you go

Spaceman Jones signing off.


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