Getting Paid To Smoke Weed! Here’s The Plan

wpid-screenshot_2015-04-30-21-36-51.pngThe Pink Panther gathered the entire staff at 46forum Fake Magazine into the conference room for a meeting and said

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. It takes a lot of talent to smoke weed and watch television with such passion and dedication.Did any of you guys stop and ask yourself how  can a stuffed animal afford to fund a fake magazine written by a bunch of stoners?”

Old Skool Joe answered “yeah I meant to ask you about that. How did you get a credit card? You’re a fucking stuffed animal!”

Spaceman Jones chimed in “and you don’t have the best credit history.”

“That’s not important right now” yelled The Pink Panther

He gathered himself and continued “The answer is I have been doing a little affiliate type marketing on the side while you guys go to work. I joined this referral program so I could get Netflix for the free trial.”

Spaceman Jones interrupted “but you could have just went to Netflix and got the free trial?”

The Pink Panther replied “Yeah but if I signed up for Netflix through this referral program, then I could make twenty dollars by referring someone to the program to do the same thing. I was going to buy Netflix anyway so I thought what the hell I’ll try it.

So I did it and referred my boy Kool-Out to do it too, and then boom twenty dollars in my PayPal. Then I got four more people to do it  and boom eighty bucks. Then I went and bought some weed and those Popsicles we all like.

Whenever we start running low on weed, or need money for Netflix or Hulu or Whatever, I just post  links different places and make  a few dollars. But I was thinking maybe we can kind of flash the links on the fake magazine  from time to time. Let’s not push it down people’s throats, but just throw it out there,so we can make some more weed money.

Just send the people here.

No one should ever use their own money for weed, or Netflix or whatever. Oh…and another thing don’t go trying quit your jobs, or start buying boats and shit, because it’s not that type of hustle. Just a way to keep us smoking for free.”

Everyone on the staff agreed that smoking weed is fun and that they should continue to it everyday.


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