All Is Well Now That Orange Is The New Black Returns With A New Season


We have been working hard here at the fake magazine. Smoking pot and watching TV is harder than it sounds. Also Nikki Free and myself have been hard at work doing field studies in the great state of Colorado. Did you know that you can buy weed at the store there? It is fucking awesome and some of them are even open as early as eight in the morning. We bought coffee, doughnuts, and weed all within a block radius.

It was fucking awesome! We really need to think about moving our offices to Denver.

So now it’s back to work and our latest job is watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.  Probably one of the best shows on the planet right now. It’s the kind of show that can be dark and depressing one second then switch to funny without warning. I never thought I would like a show about women in prison but I do and I’m not ashamed to say it.

If you have some free time spark up some fire weed and watch this show. But if you want to get paid to smoke weed and watch this show then click here.

Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to work. Smoking weed and watching TV is a hard job but someone’s got to do it.


Old Skool Joe


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