Nikki Free is getting addicted to Grand Theft Auto.

Old Skool Joe is teaching Nikki Free how to raise hell in Grand Theft Auto.

Nikki Free in 3rd Person

Nikki Free likes to drive fast like Ricky Bobby – when she’s playing video games. Now that Old Skool Joe’s moved into her apartment Grand Theft Auto has become a staple of evening fun. While Old Skool Joe robs banks and repos cars for money, Nikki Free drives jeeps into the Vinewood sign and lands helicopters on top of jails. She’s very good at finding new ways to waste away Old Skool Joe’s money.

Last night Nikki Free got herself an awesome pink convertible and learned you have to take it to the apartment and go to bed to keep it. (I don’t get it, but hey if I get to keep the pink car I’m happy.)

While watching the character sleep in the game Old Skool Joe said, “You do some of the same things in real life. The worst is when you catch yourself still awake at four…

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