Old Skool Joe Is High On Life

Things are great. The fake magazine is running smoothly, gas prices are…who am I kidding I don’t know how much gas is. The important thing is we are having fun, and apparently we are upsetting Google, because they keep sending The Pink Panther threatening messages, and that is hilarious to me since The Pink Panther is a stuffed animal.

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.
Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.

I just concentrate on my official job title “janitor” which is code for smoking pot, and doing stuff. Stuff like watching Hulu, Netflix,YouTube, and don’t forget about playing video games.

We have been playing Grand Theft Auto V a lot lately, and I fear it may be affecting our lives a little bit.

Nikki Free talks in third person but lately the majority of her sentences are about stealing cars and helicopters.IMG_3116

No one else in the office has touched the controller for three days now, and we grow more concerned by the minute.

She really likes playing that game.

The funny thing is she doesn’t like committing crimes on the game not even a traffic violation. But she sleeps for like hours at a time. It’s the weirdest thing.

Marvel is releasing some comic books that pay homage to hip-hop album covers. That’s pretty dope because I like comic books and hip-hop. The Howard The Duck/Old Dirty Bastard one is my favorite. If you don’t know who these people are you should Google it, but don’t tell them you know us, because Google hates us.


If you get on YouTube check this guy out Dayne Jordan he reminds me of the old school, and ain’t no school like the old school.

You’re welcome.

Old Skool Joe


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