Be The Weed

Whoever wrote this probably doesn’t mean it like we mean it…but it is still pretty dope and very true. Big shout out to Thought Construction for keeping it funky!

Thought Construction

A while ago I wrote about being like Conan the Barbarian. Act with resolution, passion, and do what you want. Be strong enough to be yourself and defeat all those in your way. Conan is noted for saving the day through raw will and strength coupled with insight and cunning. But I also realize Conan is a high watermark to attain. Thus I propose: be the weed.

Weeds are often considered a nuisance and an intolerable landscape blemish. They are scraggly and ugly. They taste bad, smell bad, feel bad. They pop up in the barest of dirt and can thrive in dry or wet climates. There are no landscapes completely resistant to the weed.

And that is why the weed is nature’s best evolved survivor.

The weed has no fruits to attract animals to eat them. The weed doesn’t need much dirt, much water, or much of anything. Given…

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