46 Movies To Watch When You’re Baked

#5 Revenge Of The Nerds:


One of the best movies to watch when you are stoned is the 1984 classic Revenge Of The Nerds. 

You see kids stoners of today would be considered nerds in the 1980’s. It’s true! I was there.

Anyway the movie is about these two friends Gilbert and Lewis who are off to start college. When they get to school and get settled in the get kicked out of their dorm by the football players. Then Lewis and Gilbert join forces with the other nerds, and go through a series of hi-jinx to get back at the football players. Along the way there is tons of drinking, smoking, and sex. You know all the good parts about college. It is a true piece of classic cinema, and if you catch yourself home on a Saturday afternoon, then grab your bag, load up your bong, and prepare for the ride of your life.

You’re welcome,

Spaceman Jones


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