A Letter From The Editor

Dear Internet,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read a fake magazine written by stoners. When my life long friends Old Skool Joe and Spaceman Jones told me they wanted to run a magazine at first I thought they were crazy. Then I thought well I’m a stuffed animal so why can’t a couple of stoners run a fake magazine.

It turns out by fake magazine they wanted to smoke weed and watch TV all day, while someone else paid all of the bills. So they focused on that while I focused on paying all of the bills. It turns out that a stuffed animal can generate some serious scratch online with the right maneuvering.

So now that I have the business part down  it’s time to get back to running a respectable fake magazine. I’ve promised the staff that I am going to cut down on my drinking this time around, and that I would keep the verbal abuse to a minimum.  All I have really asked in return is that these guys write some damn articles, and use the spell check every once in a while. Bear with us these guys aren’t writers they are stoners, and I’m a stuffed animal with no formal schooling. Anyway sit back, relax, and fire that shit up and read the best fake magazine you ain’t ever seen.


The Pink Panther


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