The 46 Sports Roundtable

The only thing more fun than smoking weed and watching TV, is watching sports and drinking beer, then smoking weed during half-time. Even if you don’t smoke weed we can all agree that sports are awesome. Everyday we have spirited discussions on Facebook about various sports related topics in our staff group 46 Sports Roundtable. It’s an open group anyone can join in and voice their opinions.

It’s cool because this is like the best time of year for sports. The pennant races in baseball are heating up, and it looks like my Cubbies have a chance to make it back to the post-season. I must admit though as a life long Cubs fan I can’t help thinking that something bad is about to happen to ruin the season. A Steve Bartman like type situation if you know what I mean. download (1)

Football is back and that is always cool. There have been some bad-ass games in college so far like that Alabama vs. Ole Miss.

Alabama lost this one in a tough game, both teams showed a lot of heart, and that’s why we love watching sports.

I’m dominating in all of my fantasy leagues and that is dope.

I just want to take the time to thank The Pink Panther for letting me write the sports column even though I’m just a janitor.

-Darius Norman

Janitor/ Fake Sports Reporter at the greatest fake magazine on the planet!


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