The Stoners Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 249

#249 Going To The Movies:

If you are going to the movies then make sure to smoke weed at least fifteen minutes before the movie starts. If you can help it try to go to a drive-in movie, or a movie theater that no one else goes to, so that you can light up at  least thirty minutes into the movie. If that isn’t an option then you better hope you are watching a good movie or you’re going to be taking a lot of breaks my friend. Also try to stock up on munchies. Either spend the money at the theater, or make your girl stock up her purse with snacks from the corner store. Also make sure everyone in the theater can hear all of your funny comments. They are making the movie better and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone. Make sure to smoke right after the movie…and that about wraps it up.


-Spaceman Jones


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