Sunday Night Walkers

Here at 46 Forum we’re combining two of our favorite things: sports and tv shows. Football season is already underway and the sixth season of The Walking Dead is just around the corner. Now consider this, the characters of TWD are like a team working together to survive sort of like football players working as a team to win. We took the main characters from TWD and put them into football player positions by considering each character’s personal profile. All of your great football coaches are great personal profilers. You identify the person that wants to be on your team and you put them in a position that best suits their personal profile. So here we go…

RickRick Grimes: QB1

Rick is a fearless leader. He makes decisions and sticks by them whether they are right or wrong. When he makes a mistake, even if it is a fatal mistake, he shakes it off and gets ready for the next play.

MorganMorgan: Defensive End

Every great football team has that one crazy guy that everybody knows is great but doesn’t talk to, because he’s crazy. The guy who scares you. He’s great at his job, but so great he scares you.

daryl2Daryl Dixon: RB1

Daryl is dependable. He’s a work horse. He’s the guy that is going to make the plays for you. He is going to make the impossible look easy. He can stick to the plan, but if things don’t go according to  that plan he can improvise and get the job done.

Carol2Carol: Center, Offensive Lineman

Carol is the one who snaps the ball. She is a direct line to the quarterback. You need someone on the team that can go to the quarterback and aid him in the decision making process without being overpowering, someone guiding the decisions. She can be the face of the franchise, but then be a maniac at the drop of a coin.

glennGlenn: WR2

Glenn is the guy you always go to . He might not be the best, but he is dependable. If you need two yards, Glenn’s going to get it. He is going to do anything within his last breathe to get those two yards. He’s going to give his all and put everything into it even if it means sacrificing his own self for the greater good of the whole team. Glenn is the ultimate teammate.

AndreaAndrea: QB2

Andrea is cunning and conniving. She wants to be QB1, but also wants the team to win. Every team needs that. She’s almost a villain.


T-Dog: Free Safety

Every team has a player you call beast man or crazy man or wild man. They usually play defense. He’s that guy that makes you feel brave. When you’re at your least brave and you need false machoism to continue you call T-Dog. That’s why his name is T-Dog, because he is crazy no matter if it’s the zombie apocalypse or football. And you need that.

DaleDale: Good Cop Coach

Dale is the coach that gives the inspirational speech before a game and in the locker room during halftime. He’s the coach that buys everyone pizza after the game even when they lose.

Carl2Carl Grimes: Benched WR

You don’t want Carl on your team. Yes, he can produce, but he thinks his way is the best way every time. He might have great ideas, but they only work in the right situations. He doesn’t think of all the factors and can’t express his ideas which can be detrimental to the success of the team.

LoriLori Grimes: Benched

Lori is the one on the bench that understands everyone’s position but can never get in the game herself.

ShaneShane: RB2

Yes, you contain a lot of the same qualities that make RB1 (Daryl), but you’re emotions aren’t all the way invested and we can’t trust you. If Daryl goes down we need you to be that guy. But if you’re not that guy can you have enough sense to support the team. Daryl can do that.

HershellHershel Greene: Veteran, Coach

Hershel is a leader. He’s the guy that you will die for. Is he past his best? Yes, way past, but in his time he was the best. He’s a legend.

Maggie3Maggie Greene: Quintessential TE

Maggie can do it all. She can be a jerk, she can be confident and she can do it all with grace. She can be a maniac and a gentleman all at the same time with no guidelines as far as which is which.

Beth2Beth Greene: WR, Slot Receiver

Beth will do whatever you ask.

  • Coach, “I need you to run ten yards, take five steps to the left, but catch the ball. Okay?”
  • Beth, “Is anything going to happen to me?”
  • Coach, “I don’t know.”
  • Beth, “Okay!”

She’ll do it no matter what. Her position will never waiver, even if the last time you asked her to do it she got fucked up. You’ll ask her the same question, to do the same thing and she’ll do it.

  • Coach, “I need you to…”
  • Beth, “Okay! Is this gonna hurt?”
  • Coach, “Maybe.”
  • Beth, “Okay!”

MichonneMichonne: Middle Linebacker

Michonne is one of your best players. She will do whatever it takes to win and she’ll do it without making a big scene or hoopla. She will do it whether you ask her too or not. Some people want to win that badly.

The GovernrThe Governor: Defense, Free-Safety,  Outside Linebacker

The Governor can make the calls, maybe shouldn’t make the calls, but can make the calls. He has the best interest of the team at heart, but is willing to injure more people than the rest of the people on the team.  He is willing to play a dirtier than your average teammates.

TyreseTyrese: Down Liner,  Offensive Lineman

Tyrese is a protector, but not really a violent man. He’s a teddy bear.

SashSasha: Cornerback, Play Maker

Sasha is confident but meticulous. These can be contradictory traits, but she possesses both.

Bob2Bob: Cornerback

Bob is the player that drank too much the night before. He might show up hung-over, but he’ll be there to do his job, and he’ll make plays. He’s very positive. He may get beat up from time to time, but he’s going to make up for it and he’s going to make some plays.

AbrahamAbraham: Nose Tackle

Abraham is a big protector, but a more violent protector than your others. His morals are more skewed. He has one objective and one objective only. He’s very single minded in that aspect, and he cannot be swayed. This is because his job entails one single aspect and that what you need to be great at that position.

Most great defensive players have skewed moral. They have a sense of right and wrong, but their endgame is different.

Rosita2Rosita: Cornerback

Rosita does her job. She plays her role. She’s so good at her job you forget she’s there.

EugeneEugene: Benched

He’s not on the team. No one would do what he did.

tara2Tara: Filler

Tara is a traded player. We don’t know what she does. We saw her play on another team, but she got injured in practice so we haven’t seen her play a real game with the new team.

NoahNoah- Benched

Noah got injured before he could even play.

GabrielGabriel: Benched, Water Boy

He’s a coward.

DeannaDeanna Monroe: Offensive Coordinator

She wants to be the coach. She understands the strategy of how to win and the cut throat mentality that you have to have to be a coordinator. You’re going to call plays that are going to get people hurt. You coordinate the violence. You can call a play and you might get somebody paralyzed the rest of their life but you have to call the plays. You have to be heartless, cold. A fast decision maker. Some of your decisions are going to have collateral damage. She’s coordinated a plan to push forward.

So there you have it, our lineup for Sunday night. This will be the ultimate Sunday Funday with the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead and the continuation of NFL football.


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