46 Movies To Watch When You’re Baked

#16 Kung Fu Hustle


This is one of those movies that is good whether you are stoned or sober. But like everything else in life it is a lot better if you are stoned. I couldn’t really tell you what the movie is about because I’m still not sure what the plot is. But there is tons of action with some good comedy thrown in. I also know that to really enjoy this movie you have to watch it in Chinese with the subtitles, since the English dubbed version sucks.

There is dancing, some cartoon like shit, and it is just a perfect movie to watch in the afternoon while smoking a blunt.

So if you’ve seen it cool you get where I’m coming from. If you haven’t seen it…well I guess you have some homework to do. It’s on Netflix so there’s no excuse not to check it out.


Old Skool Joe

Plus it has this lady and she is the shit!



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