Nikki Free plays Fantasy Football

We are well into football season and Nikki Free is playing fantasy for the very first time ever. Here is the weekly rundown of a first time fantasy football player.

-The Draft: Very exciting!!! Nikki Free picks too many Bears players. They’re the only ones I know.

-Week 1: Nikki Free loses by 1.28 points. On her first week of her first fantasy EVER!!! She’s super excited.

-Week 2: Bad news. Big loss. Nikki Free hires Old Skool Joe as assistant coach. He was nice enough to help. He taught her how to find players who did things that get more points. Nikki Free trades Cutler for a new quarterback. Old Skool Joe picks up Cutler.

-Week 3: Nikki Free fires Old Skool Joe as assistant coach after advising her to bench Hopkins from the Texans. Nikki Free vows never to bench Hopkins again. Nikki Free has her first win!!!

-Week 4: Another win! Nikki Free’s team is hitting over 200 points!!!

-Week 5: Nikki Free loses a bet against the undefeated fantasy player. The price is a 12 pack of Pacificos. Fortunately he shares.

-Week 6: Nikki Free is back and winning!

-Week 7: Nikki Free versus Old Skool Joe. She forgot to get up early that morning to move her players around. It seems like everyone is on a bye week. With four players on bye week and another not making a single point Nikki Free still dominates over Old Skool Joe!!! She’s feeling pretty awesome and powerful.

-Week 8-11: Win! Win! Win! and a Win!!! Nikki Free is feeling unbeatable. She’s gone from 8th in the league standings to 2nd. Only her beer drinking friend is standing in the way of #1.

-Week 12: Nikki Free is crushed. No one could’ve known that the fantasy player in last place would be her downfall. But it’s okay. Nikki Free retains her 2nd place throne and has secured her spot in the playoffs.

-Week 13: Nikki Free is feeling like a winner again!

-Week 14: So we meet again my beer drinking friend. Nikki Free is facing the undefeated fantasy player, but he’s just too good to surpass. Still there is the playoffs and Nikki Free is determined to make it past the first week.

-Playoffs Week 1: Nikki Free is victorious!!! She has secured her spot in the final round and who other is her opponent than Old Skool Joe.

-Playoffs Week 2: It was a neck to neck battle, but by the end of Sunday night Nikki Free knew she was the champion! Old Skool Joe cried. He should’ve known better than to take the players I abandoned along the way.

Nikki Free wins her first Fantasy Football League! (Damn! I should’ve joined a league with money.)


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