46forum Still A Fake Magazine Even After A Year

We have been a fake magazine for over a year now and I am satisfied with the results. Around 50,000 human beings took the time to read the absolute nonsense that we typed while smoking weed, and drinking heavily.

What can I say…we like to party.

Now that might not  be a big number or whatever, but it is a lot better than I thought we would do. I mean just look at the people who work here.

There is Old Skool Joe, a guy who apparently can’t spell school, claims to have invented rap music, yet washes dishes at a local fish restaurant. Did I mention that he smokes a lot of pot. He pops in and out of here when he needs money, writes three sentences about random movies or whatever,then disappears for weeks at a time.

What about Spaceman Jones? If he’s from space… how come he never has money for gas to get back up there? He sure seems to have plenty of money for marijuana, and chicken sandwiches. Half of the time he just hits the bong and says stupid shit, and then one of you jokers types it on your phone or whatever.

Nikki Free talks in third person and that’s cool. She is actually the fantasy football champion and beat self proclaimed fantasy god Old Skool Joe.

There are some other cats that come smoke with us and will continue to help us dominate the fake magazine game.

Thank you for reading our bullshit and don’t worry we will keep it coming.


The Pink Panther, C.E.O 46forum industries

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.



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