Getting High With Old Skool Joe (Super Bowl Edition)

(hits bong)

Ladies and gentlemen the smoke has settled, and the teams are set for Super Bowl 50.

We have the Carolina Panthers going against the Denver Broncos.

(hits bong)

I don’t know who to pick they both have really good teams. Denver has one of the best quarterbacks ever to play football…Peyton Manning. According to some of our female staff members, the guy looks really good in golf shorts. Which by the way made for some awkward moments during the commercial breaks during last nights game.


(hits bong)

But Carolina may have an actual superman playing quarterback in Cam Newton. This guy was making some amazing plays last night. If someone was to pull those moves against me on the video game, then I would probably hit the reset button, and then ask them politely to leave. According to the female members of the staff he may be the most handsome man on the planet, with the best teeth ever. Again things got a little uncomfortable during last nights bro-down at Hooters.


(hits bong)

There really aren’t a lot of famous horses…I mean there’s Bojack Horseman, but he is kind of a scum bag.

Then again we work for an alcoholic, verbally abusive stuffed animal who happens to be a panther.

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.

Guess who he is rooting for?

(hits bong)

Does anyone want to go with me to the gas station to get some burritos?

I have to go now…we will pick this up tomorrow.


Old Skool Joe



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