A Letter From The Editor

It takes lots of talent to do what you guys do on a daily basis. Not many people can dedicate their lives to smoking weed and watching TV, that is a fact.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what you guys are doing. Getting high and writing some bullshit. But what if…I don’t know you tried to be a real magazine for a change?

I am probably as much to blame as anyone. I’ve been enabling you guys ,since I am a fake editor, and this is a fake magazine. But that is about to change because you are about get your first real assignment.

As you know besides being the editor of a fake magazine, and a business mogul, I am also a music promoter.

The point is I have a mixtape on my desk called  Tha Amigos and it  is a game changer!  These guys are onto something here, and we need to get out front on this thing. It’s gonna be huge!


I want you find these guys and interview them! Find out what strip clubs they go to, and  ask if they can take me with them.

You know some journalist shit.

I don’t care how you do it…just get it done.

These cats are dope and their music has a real good vibe to it.

Now go out there and do some journalist shit. You can still smoke weed and watch TV, just try to do an interview from time to time…you know like a real magazine or something.


The Pink Panther

Editor In Chief 46forum Fake Magazine


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