Episode 420

Happy 420 everyone!

Is it like Christmas?

I’m gonna say no because we smoke weed everyday.

Is it like Thanksgiving?

Well… we are going to eat a shitload of food but the drinking will be at a minimum, and there will be no family arguments.

Is it like Halloween?

Ok it’s time for you to pass the blunt. What kind of stupid ass question is that?

It’s 420 a celebration of stoners everywhere and our amazing contributions to the world. We are innovators in music,movies,science, cooking, and all kinds of other ill shit.

(hits bong)

I’m just glad my job at the fish market gave me the day off. Even The Pink Panther is smoking today. He smokes every once in a while, but he is more into the booze. It’s actually going to be a really chill day.

(hits bong)

What are we gonna do today?

The same thing we do everyday.

Smoke weed and watch TV.

What about take over the world?

Maybe tomorrow


Old Skool Joe.



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