46 Movies To Watch When You’re Baked

#35 The Jungle Book


(hits bong)

This post was originally about the Disney cartoon version, but then Nikki Free and I saw the new live action version.

It is way better than the cartoon!

Bill Murray did a fantastic job as Baloo!

(hits bong)

Baloo is kind of like us…you know a pothead.

Come to think of it I kind of modeled my whole life after Baloo.

All we need are the bear necessities. Things like weed, the internet, TV, and pizza.


We even have a panther who is always talking shit, and being an overall hater. But he pays for all of this shit, so we just kind of have to take it.

Our editor The Pink Panther working hard to keep our fake magazine running.

(hits bong)

Roll a joint, or blunt and go watch this flick. Christopher Walken plays a giant monkey in one of the best musical sequences that you will ever see.

The shit blew my mind.



Old Skool Joe



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