The Gang Goes Hollywood

(hits bong)

Wow! Has it really been two whole months since anyone posted anything?  I’ve been really busy down at the fish joint and I’m lazy.

Our editor The Pink Panther is busy with all of his marketing schemes.

Until today when he yelled at me. Apparently me and Spaceman Jones better start writing articles again, or we are going to stop getting our weekly gift bags…and we need those bags.

(hits bong)

Did you know that Spaceman Jones is getting his own cartoon?

No bullshit! A group of animators that he smokes with,  really dig his space stories, and want to make a show about them.

I mean it’s not Hollywood or anything, but it’s a pretty big deal for us.

Who would have thought smoking weed and watching TV would lead to this?

(hits bong)

Even your boy Old Skool Joe has been making moves. Besides being promoted at the fish joint,  I have also appeared in a couple of independent films.

Check out our head of security Goliath and I as a couple of pick pockets in Busking For Broke a short film by Marie Ward.


(hits bong)

Funny thing is we actually kept that money and bought a couple of burritos.

Also…Goliath wanted a scarf so we did that.

I love that dog.



Old Skool Joe

To see more of Marie’s amazing films click here!


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