Tales From The Fish Joint With Old Skool Joe

So there’s this guy that works down at the fish joint with me named Pork Chop. Why do I call him that you ask?

Well…because he’s fat. There I said it.

But to his credit  Pork Chop is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. He keeps a tub filled with all kinds of health drinks and products under the fish stand.

I noticed this bottle of strange brown liquid,with what looked like little chicken pieces floating in it.

It’s called Kombucha…has anyone else heard of this shit?


Apparently some guy just invented it one day, claimed that it cures diseases,gives you super powers,and will make you a healthier person.

But on the label it says don’t drink this shit if you are having a baby, want to have a baby, or are within 25 feet of a baby.

If I’m going to drink brown shit for health and super powers then I’ll just stick to




Old Skool Joe



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