Getting High With Old Skool Joe

Man running a fake magazine is harder than we thought it would be. Who has time to write everyday? It’s not like people read anymore anyways. We just want to smoke weed and watch TV. What’s wrong with that?

Are you going to vote?

I know you’re not Pink Panther stuffed animals don’t vote.

Yeah you would vote for Trump.

He does have nice hair and can yell with the best of them.

I bet he would have liked your website idea

Ha! Stinky titties… Pink Panther you are one sick stuffed animal.

What about Hilary?

Yeah she’s cool…I guess.

She’s into the same shady internet shit that my boss is into.

That is one shady stuffed animal, but he keeps the money coming so I’m not complaining.

Still working at the fish joint though.

What can I say? I love fish.

I don’t like getting jumped by the red hat ladies on Sunday mornings, but these are just standard fish business hazards.

Those bitches are ruthless!


Old Skool Joe


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