Two Dope Boys in a Mini Van

A long long, long, long, long time ago, before the beginning of time, there was these boys. A band… They called themselves 46forum. Everyone they knew though, called them Outkast. These boys you see, were not yet men. They were not… I don’t know how you would say… They were not ahead of their time. They did though live a reality that screamed of the future. Funny how life lives itself out. Truly it is an astonishing thing life. What was I saying? Oh yeah! Them 46 boys… They read a lot. They wrote a lot. They fit in and … Continue reading Two Dope Boys in a Mini Van

3z3 Snap Rap

One minute you’re cool The next minute, you’re on fire. How could they say to contain yourself? Then all they say is to be real until you blame yourself. I took a hit of this bud and said fuck it, I’ll make it myself. Now I’m it home drinking top shelf Like I fuckin got wealth Listening to J Cole living like he got health 2Pac is gone though and he left hope I hate the smell of your soft soap It can’t be good just like I can’t nope Sad but I won’t mope. Not when there’s still hope! … Continue reading 3z3 Snap Rap

Friday Night Rights

What up 46ers?! It’s been too long. Well… It’s Friday night and you know what the fuck that means and if you don’t…. What can I do to help you understand? It’s Friday! Anyway, let’s get right to the point, I don’t want you to feel attacked before we discuss some very important subject matter. I was up at the 46forum Headquarters the other night and it was 4th of July 2018. Old School Joe was there and Little Dog and The 1st Lady of the 46 were there as well. It was a fine time and there were two … Continue reading Friday Night Rights